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promo pic 2015 by Juan Morillas
Photo: Juan Morillas

The lethargy is over. The alien invasion is absolute. You’d better shake earthlings, for Thirteen Bled Promises are back with their most lethal weapon. Designated by the website as one of the top ten deathcore bands of all time and after desolating Spain with their abominable debut Heliopause Fleets, which took them to conquer Resurrection Fest, Portugal or Belgium, Thirteen Bled Promises return with The Black Legend, their highly anticipated and crushing conceptual prequel. In this work, the abductees draw the darkest of journeys, that traces the origins of our planet to the 16th century, along with the presence of disturbing and enigmatic beings from other galaxies among us, moving between the earthly and the divine. An iconic narrative universe that only them could create, all a product of the band’s obsession with aliens and the real experiences of Turri, their enormous vocalist, with this phenomena.

With The Black Legend, Thirteen Bled Promises make a sidereal creative jump, becoming masters of a proposal that reaches far beyond brutal deathcore. Taking their technique and classic dissonances to a new level never explored before, in their new album fast parts get faster and slow parts get slower, creating devastating effects in the listener. Sealing a perfect album, the halo of grief and melancholy that impregnates all 10 cuts, gives an undeniable sense of masterpiece to the whole, one of the best works of this year hands down.

The wait was worth it, for Thirteen Bled Promises not only got more mature and surpassed the ideas for their excellent first album, they proved to be a good band that won’t fall into repetition. This is the beginning of something huge and its international burst is imminent. Get ready, no warnings will be enough for Thirteen Bled Promises new material. The Black Legend is here.